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The Conversion Club is a place for elite copywriters and marketers to share their wisdom. We founded this group to give the internet marketing community the opportunity to see what’s working for the most successful marketers in the world. Our products cover insider knowledge and marketing tactics for growing your business that you won’t find anywhere else online.



After getting a degree in Finance, Evaldo joined one of Agora’s subsidiaries as a research analyst. After four years as an editor, he finally realized copy was the soul of the business and decided to become a copywriter. He has been writing copy for Agora Financial since 2014. In 2018, he broke Agora Financial’s record of most sales in a year, with over $80 million in sales. It’s why the founder of Agora Bill Bonner said he was “one the best copywriters in US history.” He is the copy chief for Paradigm Press (the largest Agora Financial imprint), where he manages a (growing) team of 15 copywriters.



Peter Coyne is the founder and publisher of Paradigm Press – the largest imprint of Agora Financial. He’s also the youngest publisher in Agora by at least a decade, and the youngest to grow a $100mm business in the fastest time frame. Pete’s known for being the top publisher of true gurus with big brands in an industry dominated by no-name editors. He’s led teams, built businesses, created products and personally written $20mm+ in sales copy in a year and a half… Before learning about info-publishing, Peter was a Congressional staffer for Ron Paul. He studied economics at Loyola University Maryland.



Rich is known in the upper echelons of the marketing world as the “guru to the gurus.” Rich has worked with copy and marketing legends like Jay Abraham, John Carlton, Jeff Paul, Stephen Pierce, Yanik Silver, Jeff Walker, Todd Brown and Russell Brunson, among dozens of others. He’s personally added over $15 billion in revenue to his clients and he’s been featured on media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, ABC, NBC, FOX, MSNBC, The Discovery Channel, The Daily News and The New York Post.

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7-Figure Copy Camp

The 7-Figure Copy Camp will give you an in-depth look at the training process that Paradigm Press uses to turn rookie copywriters into 7-figure powerhouses. For the first time ever, you’ll see legendary copywriter, Evaldo Albuquerque, detail the secret copywriting process that allowed him to break sales records and bring in $80 million for Agora...

Steal Our Winners

Steal Our Winners is Agora Financial’s first-ever collaborative internet marketing publication. This is the place where the biggest, most successful direct response marketers in the world share their most coveted business secrets. Our goal with Steal Our Winners is to provide you with cutting edge “insider” marketing insights that will boost your conversions and add more money...

Weekly War Room

The Weekly War Room ​is essential for anyone that wants to stay on top of the copy that is working today. Every week during this weekly 30-minute call, we discuss a new long-form promotion that is bringing in millions of dollars in sales. Master copywriter, Evaldo Albuquerque, will provide a link to a piece of copy...